What is coaching?

Coaching is simply a conversation with tools. Through personal or group coaching, you will be in a safe environment to question, be challenged and guided to discover answers, find direction, and even a different, more resourceful way of being

What can you expect in a coaching session?

We begin each coaching journey with an assessment of where you've been, where you are and where you want to be through our Coaching Discovery Form. From there, we decide how many sessions you think you will need to reach your outcome, or be comfortable enough to move forward independently. 

Is it for me?

Most people seek coaching if they're going through a crisis, facing challenges that they can't get through on their own, or feel "stuck". Others may look for a coach if they feel an impending challenge approaching, while some people look to coaches if they know something is not right in their lives but can't put their finger on it. If any of that describes you, then coaching is definitely for you.

How do I choose a coach?

Coaching is a personal and subjective relationship. The best way is to speak to a coach prior to starting sessions, or through a referral. Take advantage of our complimentary 20 minute session to see how we could work together. 

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