At The Light Quotient, we work with individuals and organisations that share a common trait: you're tired of all the talk-talk-talk, and really want to get to the heart of change. And to make sure it lasts. Through individual and team coaching, you'll find the tools you need to achieve the results you want. 



If you're looking to make a change for yourself in your personal or work life, speak to us about:

Executive transitions

If you are moving between jobs, moving up in a company, moving out of corporate into start ups or your own business, or managing retrenchment or burn out, executive transitions coaching is for you. 

Coaching for women

Rediscover your spark or find a new direction. Understand your purpose: why you do what you do and how you can change it if you want to. Bring out the essence within to achieve your goals effortlessly and with grace and power.


If you're looking to make a change for your team or organization, speak to us about:

Lasting change

Using Human Needs, 7 Master Steps, neuroscience and coaching, we get your team to create change from within, and give you real life application tools to make change last.

Team and Group Coaching

Our coaches can work with senior management and C-suite executives, one-on-one or in groups, to address leadership, team management and self management for accelerated results.



Hello there!

I'm Avalyn, the Founder of The Light Quotient.

A certified Professional Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach, I have been involved in the personal development space for the past 15 years - training in some of the most impactful and leading edge methods to achieve personal mastery.

In my corporate life of close to 20 years, I have been a lawyer, publicist and business leader in the strategy, sales & marketing, communications and branding in a variety of industries. And since 1999, I have been an avid student alternative healing and energy work.

Over the years, I was "lucky" enough to have gone through some personal challenges that resulted in an integration of my personal development training, energy work and corporate experience. This amalgamation has had a profound, lasting impact when I coached team members, as well as peers. This was when I created The Light Quotient so I can share the work with more individuals and businesses to illuminate lives and organisations, to achieve lasting, transformative change

My purpose is to illuminate lives and bring back that spark in your eyes, as you go through your personal and professional lives, manage your teams, and build your businesses.

Let's work together to make that happen!

With my best,



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What clients have said...

I worked with Avalyn when I felt confused about my career direction and stressed with juggling personal/professional life. Its amazing how she makes you think deeper and introspect some of the things you may not have paid attention to.
— J.S, Manager, Healthcare in Singapore
Prior to discussing the situation with Avalyn I was unsure of which direction I should go in. The session was very useful as, not only did it confirm my views in terms of the direction, it assisted me on a greater level. I found the discussion on areas which drive people very enlightening. Certainly an ‘aha’ moment.
— S.F, Manager, Government department, South Australia.

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