Coaching for Women

As women today, we face extraordinary challenges, and extraordinary opportunities. The question is whether one overwhelms us to the point that we get stuck and can't surmount what we perceive to be blocking us. With multiple life roles, many of which are perceived to be conflicting in nature, it's always beneficial to have an external source of support to shine a light on our blind spots

Coaching, in essence, is simply a conversation. One with useful tools to support your personal growth path and to help you achieve your goals more effortlessly, and with more accountability. This is the ultimate outcome of any coaching conversation, whether it is called "life coaching", "executive coaching" or "personal coaching".

The Light Quotient's approach is a multi-faceted one that supports your growth as a whole person, rather than looking only at specific issues and problems to solve. Our coaching conversations are tailored and fluid, so that the process works alongside your day-to-day growth and makes sense in your daily life. At The Light Quotient, we use a combination of proven coaching methods obtained through training with some the world's most renowned experts in coaching and personal development. You get the best to be your best.

We want you to see and embody RESULTS!

You can expect:

  • Deeper understanding of why you do what you do, and how to stop holding yourself back.
  • Finding your driving force (or life's purpose) so you can make clearer decisions and take action.
  • Ideas on small, incremental steps to move you towards your goals.
  • How to find resources within yourself to get unstuck, so you have tools that can last you a lifetime.


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Coaching at The Light Quotient adds value and direction to your life, regardless of who and where you’ve been, where you are, or what you want to achieve.