Our Team


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Avalyn Lim

Founder of The Light Quotient, Avalyn is a certified Life, Career & Executive Coach. She has been involved in the personal development space for the past 15 years - training in some of the most impactful and leading edge methods to achieve personal mastery.

In her corporate life of 20 years, she has worked as a lawyer, publicist and business leader in the strategy, sales & marketing, communications and branding in a variety of industries. 

Her driving force purpose is to illuminate personal and professional lives, and learn effective communication to lead others.

Empathy - Adaptability - Futuristic - Input - Arranger

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Dany Leong

An entrepreneur, story-teller and film maker, Dany is a certified John Maxwell trainer and coach.

He is driven by a passion to bring a sense of purpose in people's lives.

His career has been varied, from the legal profession, to logistics, Madame Tussauds, and as an Adjunct Lecturer in Film and Media Studies.

He enjoys working with clients on positive mindset, transformation, and bringing out their uniqueness through personal branding.

Connectedness - Strategic - Individualisation - Ideation -Self-Assurance