Coaching - when the problem isn't the problem.

I love coaching. Both coaching others and being coached!

Part of being a coaching is always working on my own development so that I can bring the best, most relevant ideas, practices and methods to support clients on their personal or professional journeys. 

This is why my husband and I (and our kids) attend at least one self development program a year, usually averaging 2-3 in most years. I also have an amazing insightful and experienced coach mentor who provides me insight, guidance and a clean mirror on which to reflect!

Today, I had the privilege of being coached in the Integral Coaching approach, developed by New Ventures West. I've been coached in this method before and found it to be an amazing experience. 

This round was no different and it's always eye-opening to realize how the problem we raise or think about is often not the problem.

Our conversation began with the topic of money: I have, over the years, worked on my personal relationship with money, but I still find it a challenge to keep and accumulate money. I'm sure some of you know what this feels like, don't you?

Deeper probing by the coach revealed a much more encompassing root of the issue at hand. As a result, I realized that my MOOD and physical response to money are areas that I need greater awareness of, so that I can change the meaning of money in my life, and that would clear the path to better financial health! 

I'm ready and able to use my Integrated Coaching, energy work and personal mastery tools on this area in my life now that the deeper source of the issue is clear.

Who else would like this in your life?!