The surface tension of my piccolo latte

So, I love coffee. In particular, the piccolo latte. Small, packs a punch, and quick to drink. Not as bitter as an espresso. The perfect pick-me-up in a small glass. (Ironic that I'm posting this on Day 3 of my water fast, but that's a different story that I'll blog about later).

As I lovingly carried my piccolo to my table last week at Joe & Dough, I noticed the surface tension that kept the coffee from spilling onto the saucer, and as my mind tends to do, I thought about a witty post that I could come up with on Facebook. Instead, I decided to post a longer, perhaps not-as-witty, blog post here. 

The thought that popped into my mind was how the surface tension of my coffee was a reflection of how we keep all our emotional stuff in. The outer image that we project is usually a thinly veiled shield, a membrane that stops the emotional deluge from pouring out. But all it needs is a small poke, to create the opening for that to happen. Especially if you have been bottling it in for a while.

Emotions can be created through numerous stimuli, both internal and external. Our words, language, physiological state, beliefs, values, environments, thoughts and self-talk all add up to the emotions that we feel at a given instant. Deeper than that, are the energetic sources of emotions, as well as the thoughts and beliefs etc that result in the emotional "reality".

Plenty of work is out there on how to "let things go" and to address your emotional state, but from experience, until you get to the root, the source of the issue, things are likely to re-emerge in moments of stress, or another stimulus is felt.

One of the best ways I have experienced clearing issues at the root is through Lindwall Releasing with the Neidermeyers, Selina and Heiko ( Having been a participant at their River Retreats and learnt the technique, the results are constantly surprising and empowering. And what's more, you can experience deeper and deeper levels of clarity as you use the technique more and more.

This is the reason I feel so strongly about using Releasing statements as part of my  Integrated Coaching work and in my daily life, even with my children (who have also learnt how to use them). Releasing statements help to achieve clearing, but the retreats and private sessions with Selina and Heiko, really get to the root of the matter, and add much more dimension and insights into what you can clear, energetically and physically.

In my Coaching work, the outcome I want for all my clients is to get the results that they want, and find the resources within them to achieve this. By working with Integrated Coaching clients through the body, mind and energy fields, this ensures that results are NOT suggestions of how to live their life, a set of instructions, or to-do lists. Instead, you will receive insights that will open your mind to new ways of being, instead of doing.

The results will be lasting and impact all aspects of your lives. Even if life gets in the way and you get "stuck" again, the resources are there, within you, and that will last you a lifetime.