The Power of Identity

In my last post I wrote about my narrative as interpreted by my coach. The next thing we did after exploring the murky depths of my then-reality, was to explore a new narrative. One of magic. Now that resonated with me immediately; so much so, I had goosebumps.

Why? Because I had loved the world of magic and wonder as a child. Not magic shows, although I love those too...for example, despite the poor reviews, the movies Now You See Me and NYSM2 entertain me no end. I digress...what I had loved as a child was the world of possibilities, charms and legend.

This enabled me to see the world from a different perspective. No longer was I mired in muck. What had felt like burdens, obligations and responsibilities became opportunities. To give a slightly painful example, I was going through a period then, where I felt overwhelmed by my three kids. I would often sit in the bathroom to get some downtime, or leave early to work to have the 1 hour bus ride as "me time". 

With the change in narrative and identity, I began to see being a parent as being a privilege - an opportunity, very fleeting, in which I could guide and influence three wonderful souls on their journey through life. Yes, there are still days when I want to pull my hair out and I have to yell at them, but my identity of living in a world of Magic pulls me back and reminds me of what could be, and is, possible.

My rambunctious trio.

Tony Robbins, a man I admire and whose teachings I reference often in my work and daily life, often says (and I quote from his blog) that "Identity is the strongest force in human personality. We all have a deep and abiding need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves." 

By making a single shift in how we define or describe ourselves and how we are in the world, it changes the way we think and the way we feel. It changes the meaning that daily tasks have. This description or identity can be an archetype, or it can be your own way of describing your uniqueness, in a way that makes sense to you, gives you purpose and motivates you to keep on being your best.

What is your identity right now? Is it serving you? How can you shift it so that it gets you where you want to be?