About me

Hello there! I'm Avalyn, the founder (a.k.a. Alchemist) of The Light Quotient. I have been involved in the personal development space for the past 15 years, having been trained in some of the most relevant, impactful and leading edge methods to achieve personal mastery. 

In my corporate life of close to 20 years, I have been a lawyer, publicist, and worked in the areas of strategy, partnerships, sales, marketing, communications and branding within a variety of industries. Alongside this, since 1999, I have been an avid student of alternative therapies and energy work, including Feng Shui, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and many others. Over the years, I was "lucky" enough to have gone through some personal challenges that resulted in an integration of my personal development training, energy work and corporate experience and this has had a profound, lasting impact when I coached team members, as well as peers. This was when I created The Light Quotient and Integrated Coaching so I could share the work with more individuals and even businesses to achieve lasting, transformative change. 

My true passion is on helping more people achieve a Beautiful State

What's that? Well, it's the understanding that what happens in our lives, happens for us and not to us. Regardless of how it feels in the moment.

My credo is to have more being-ness and less doing-ness.

However, in order to have more being-ness we often need to break out of our old patterns of behaviour and thinking. As someone who was raised to become an ambitious, high achieving and task-oriented power woman, by my beautiful mom and dad, I was used to doing-ness until a time several years ago, when I felt that everything I was doing and gearing up for had little meaning. The questions that came to mind regularly were, "Is this all there is?" and "What if someone realizes that I'm a fraud?". 

These are common questions facing many high achieving people today, even famous, successful public figures. My life's direction and vision is to use Integrated Coaching and work with women executives and entrepreneurs, who are seeking greater balance between their multiple roles & responsibilities, striving to be their best, and seeking their authentic inner self. 

By bringing my experience of being a working mother of three who has simultaneously juggled career, postgraduate education, family health issues and more, my joy is to create and develop customised programs for you to gain greater clarity around your life and business outcomes, and to achieve them with more fun, more quickly and more effortlessly.

For more personal insights and stories, check out The Light Quotient Blog!

I wish to simply illuminate lives. That's what I'm here for.

How The Light Quotient found its wings...

The Light Quotient started as a personal journey of growth. A few years ago, I was in a place where I felt stuck and trapped by my commitments and demands on my time and energy. I almost walked out on my family. My children felt like impediments. My relationships were stagnating and laced with anger and resentment. I was overweight and never exercised. And I was trying to convince myself that I enjoyed working for others.

Deep inside, I knew I needed a higher purpose and vision bigger than myself to get out of this rut. Because knowing your purpose gives meaning to life, doesn’t it?

Thing is, I had the tools already. But something was missing - there was a gap between learning and living my purpose.

I’d been involved in the personal development field since 2001, when I was first introduced to Tony Robbins' life changing work through his events, Mastery courses and Leadership programs. I have also been certified in a number of energy healing methods since 1999 and Classical Fengshui since 2003. Through my INSEAD Executive MBA, I had also been blessed to have experienced different approaches to personal and career coaching. I had lots of knowledge and expertise. 

Ultimately what filled the gap was a combination of Coaching and Energy work including Access Consciousness®, Access Bars® and Lindwall Releasing (as guided by the miraculous Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer at The Power of Releasing) and walking meditations, amongst others. This powerful holistic approach created the change because it addressed me as a whole person…This is the foundation of Integrated Coaching. By supporting your development as a whole, you can be the best you, the you that needs to show up, in every situation.

And why did I call it The Light Quotient?

Well, you’ve heard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient),haven't you? The Light Quotient is the spark of light in life that switches on your most amazing self. When you're lit up on the inside, you are fulfilled, centered, creative; who you truly are!